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Ultimate Superfood Kale Smoothie!

Summertime is upon us, and healthy food is a must right now! Everyone is coming out and getting semi naked in the parks of the U.K! making it an ideal time to create a crazy Kale Smoothie. Kale, my favourite green leafy vegetable made famous for its insane…

Why I love to Plank!

The Plank is one of those positions, which I love to incorporate into my workouts after an intense cardio session. A full toning Core exercise, which works the arms, legs, lower back and an intense Ab workout!

Reasons to love Hemp Protein!

I’m a massive advocate for Hemp Protein Powder an amazing and healthy alternative to Whey Protein. Ever since I was younger I have always had a fascination with Hemp and all its amazing uses! Don’t worry Hemp is not Marijuana as it hasn’t got any…

Half Marathon Essential Guide!

After Completing the Bath Half Marathon this Year, in just over 2hrs! An amazing and fulfilling experience, highly recommended and worth every single training day! I’ve written this Blog post to help anyone thinking of training for a Half Marathon or wanting to get back into running.

Slowcooker Beef Tagine- Batch Cooking!

I hope the winter blues aren’t getting you down too much! One thing I do love about winter, is eating warm, comforting food! Especially After my Bath Half Marathon Training (1 Week to go!), or training late in the gym. The only problem is cooking every night…