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Holistic Personal Training in Bristol

Let’s change your Lifestyle through Confidence boosting 1 to 1 Personal Training, Online, Outdoor or in the Gym with Clear Workout plans, Nutritional Advice and Constant Motivation

Holistic Personal Training in Bristol.

Get to know Grace Fitness

Holistic Personal Training service, Certified and Insured at Level 2 & 3.

Grace Fitness offers a 360 holistic approach to health and fitness, with energetic and confidence boosting workouts, which will improve your lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Using specialised training techniques such as Functional Fitness, HIIT, Mobility, Motivational Coaching and Yoga with clear Nutritional advice that get results fast!

What we offer

Fun workouts with great results

Grace Fitness has a reputation to inspire and motivate her clients to achieve great results in fun and inclusive environments. Check out the testimonials

Holistic Personal Training

Unique Holistic Personal Training approach with mental and physical health. Using Yoga and coaching techniques to give a 360 approach to training clients..

Indoor or Outdoor training

Private Gym location in Clifton. Equipped with high performance equipment in a friendly and inclusive Gym location.

Personal Training in Bristol

Client Success Stories

Kevin Lockley 54 – Consultant, Rolls Royce

I’ve just completed a fifteen week course with Katherine and so feel qualified to review her personal training skills. It’s not always been an easy fifteen weeks for this mid-fifties office sloth, but I am a stone lighter.

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Sadie Leanne – Manager

I haven’t got a bad word to say about Katherine – as a personal trainer, or as far as I can tell from the few months I’ve known her, as a person. I’ve been having 2 sessions a week with her for the most part, and have loved every minute of them

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Sam Carbery 34, Pilot

Since training and doing some home exercises I can see the weight loss and feel muscles I never knew were there. Still a way to go but her friendly, positive approach has helped immensely alongside a proper diet (good food instead of starving).

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Personal training in bristol

What are you waiting for?

We will come to your home, out in Bristol’s most beautiful park Brandon Hill
or train you in Bristol’s leading Personal Trainer Gym, GYMSET.