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Welcome to Grace Fitness!

Bristol's Leading Personal Training service, Certified Level 2 & 3 Personal Trainer offering  assertive, energetic and confidence boosting workouts, to improve your lifestyle and performance in life. Using innovative training techniques such as HIIT, Muscular Endurance, Flexibility and clear Nutritional plans to get results fast!


Personal Trainer in Bristol

Check out the amazing testimonials from previous clients who gained fantastic results...


Sam Carbery 34, Pilot

I've been seeing Katherine Personal trainer twice a week for almost a month now. My job is very inactive and I'd always meant to do something about it but never did. Poor eating and a lazy attitude definitely didn't help my waist line! Since training and doing some home exercises I can see the weight falling and feel muscles I never knew were there. Still a way to go but her friendly, positive approach has helped immensely alongside a proper diet (good food instead of starving). Never thought I'd have a laugh while sweating profusely, but keeping it fun and gradually upping the pace each session I can see results already. I can't say I love training just yet, but I do look forward to it which I never imagined. I hadn't been to a gym in years. Couldn't recommend enough, do it!



Kevin Lockley 54, Consultant

I've just completed a fifteen week course with personal trainer Katherine and so feel qualified to review her personal training skills. It's not always been an easy fifteen weeks for this mid-fifties office sloth, but I am a stone lighter (good nutrition advice) and my stamina and core strength have come on leaps and bounds. Katherine has managed to combine just the right amount carrot and stick to get me where I've got to. Clever "homework" combined with informed tuition at the classes have given me the basis and the desire to put the effort in.

As a result I feel years younger and have loads more energy.

The biggest endorsement I can give is that I've booked another fifteen week course.

She's damn good!


Personal Trainer Bristol