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Top Tips on staying Healthy at Festivals this Summer!

With Glastonbury just around the corner, I thought I would blog about how to keep healthy and have an awesome time during the summer festival season.

healthy festival

Here are my tops tips;

Hydrate, Hydrate & Hydrate!

It’s so easy to dehydrate at festivals especially when dancing for hours to your favourite band or walking in the heat. Remember that alcohol dehydrates you so throughout the day, keep downing the water



My advice on Alcohol!

If you are drinking alcohol during a festival which I imagine is most likely. I suggest drinking water between alcoholic drinks just to prevent dehydration.

Interesting enough Processco & spirits with tonic waters such as Gin and Tonic have the least calories. Unfortunately the worst is Cider (and I’m from Somerset!) for its high sugar content.

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When it comes to exercise Wow! You will be walking all day long and dancing so there is no problem getting loads of exercise. Especially with Glastonbury Festival, which is as big as a city, taking an hour to walk across the whole site, this bike helped!


Many of the alternative festivals, have an amazing array of healthy food options to choose from. One of my favourites at Glastonbury is the Thali café with their amazingly tasty veg packed curries. Festivals such as Glastonbury, Womad and Camp Bestival have lovely whole food cafes, serving freshly ground organic coffee and healthy whole some food all day long.

healthy festival



As the ‘Baz Luhrman’ track once said always wear sun cream, and its true. Its super essential to protect yourself every day to stop you turning into a prune by the age of 30! Even when its cloudy as the sun can still make you burn especially if your chilling sitting in the grass all day!


One last thing! Make sure you pack the baby wipes and wellies as you never know where your next shower is coming or how many rain showers there may be! So be prepared. 😉

healthy festival


healthy festivalAbove all though have a blast and be a free spirit,  as festivals are places you can truly be your self to find and discover new music, cultures and wholesome foods. KG xxx

Add me on Instagram for all my latest updates @katherine_grace. I would love to know what festivals your going to this summer?

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