What location?

Training sessions can take place at GYMSET located in Clifton Village . Equipped with a full range of gym equipment  in a friendly and supportive environment.  If you prefer I can take you outdoor training in the stunning Brandon Hill or train you in the comfort of your own home..


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Contact me here  with any Questions and let's start training.




How many Personal Training sessions do I need?

This depends on your goals and how quickly you want to see a change, if you train with me 3 days a week, the difference you want to see will happen a lot faster but if you need to budget, twice a week can also make a big change to your fitness levels, depending on if your doing regular exercise outside our sessions.

What happens in the Consultation/Trial session?

The first time we meet, We will have a consultation. Where you will fill in a Par-q which tells me of any injuries you may have and find out if you are safe to train.

Then I will ask you questions on your current health and fitness and what your main goals are.  Afterwards you will have a trial 50 min session using the gym Equipment, this trial is aimed at seeing where your current fitness levels are at and what we can improve on.

What would best describe your training style?

Fun, informative, goal driven, high intensity training!

How Can I Pay the Personal Trainer?

All sessions are paid for in advance and can be paid through bank transfer, cash, cheque or Paypal.