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The Cycle of Health and Fitness

Happy January! This is officially my second blog entry of the year!

For me I believe having the right health and fitness has really helped my brain and body work to its full potential.

Helping me become:

• More mentally alert at work
• Increased energy and enthusiasm for life!
• Staying on point and reaching goals easier
• Increased Confidence
• Self esteem increased

There is also a key point I have learnt along the way.

Which I call ‘The Cycle of Health and Nutrition’

For example, you take time to work out in the gym, home or outside. This then creates a cycle for the rest of the day. Because you’ve put hard work in, you really don’t want to eat that chocolate bar at the check out or buy that ice cream in the supermarket. As you feel it’s detrimental to working out that day. Meaning you’re now in a positive cycle for that day & evening, being subconsciously aware of what you are eating and therefore becoming healthier and happier each day!

So plan your workouts each week in your diary and get going and get into the cycle of healthy living!

Even just a Morning run or session in the gym
Maybe a short workout video?

Here are a few I love at the moment:

California Beach workout (Fun)!
Great sexy workouts on the Beach

Fitness Blender
Amazing workouts to get you moving fast.

For that extra weekly boost Contact me for Personal Training…

I am now offering Fit mob style training, where I can Train Two people at the same time for the price of one.

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