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Ultimate Superfood Kale Smoothie!

Summertime is upon us, and healthy food is a must right now!

Everyone is coming out and getting semi naked in the parks of the U.K! making it an ideal time to create a crazy Kale Smoothie.

Kale, my favourite green leafy vegetable made famous for its insane amount of nutrition.


People often say to me I look younger than my 29 years of age!  I strongly believe its because I incorporate raw fruit and veg (e.g Kale) into my diet, alongside tons of laughter, water and exercise!

One massive bag of Kale in my local greengrocer is 75p!


Which has…

  • A high dosage of antioxidants, which helps
  • To fight free radicals, so you look younger, Forget expensive skin care!
  • And is known to kill off cancer cells!
  • Gives you a massive source of Calcium- 1 cup of kale equals double a glass of milk’s calcium content!
  • Very high dosage of Vitamin C

The only downfall is possibly its taste, which I find personally quite bland so I have come up with this Smoothie recipe to make it taste amazing!!!



3 cups or handfuls of Kale

10 black grapes or blueberries

4 prunes

2 bananas

1 ripe Mango

150ml Soya or Almond Milk

1 tbsp Pulsin Hemp Protein Powder (Optional)

1 tsp Chia Seeds (Optional)

Plus or minus extra fruits depending on what you have available.





Chuck it all into a blender, and whiz until it’s smooth!

Its great to add ice cubes, to make it really chilled.



I like to pour it into a bottle and sip on it, throughout the day, whilst personal training which stops me from snacking on rubbish throughout the day!

Hope I have inspired you to eat your greens!

Kale is awesome steamed & drizzled with Hemp seed oil or Olive oil

Or even roasted! And made into crisps!

Feel free to leave a comment below, I wanna know what you do with your kale?

Katherine Grace xx







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