Health, Fitness and Mental Wellbeing in Lockdown…

It’s been a crazy time, but it seems like we are slowly getting out of Lockdown...

This blog is to support and inspire you during the pandemic.

Outdoor Workouts

I'm personally loving  'Alfresco' workouts. Being out in the fresh air makes me appreciate nature, improves my mental health and increases my productivity for the rest of the day.

It's amazing to see everyone exercising outdoors, and improvising their own workouts, from boxing to beats with friends, to live zumba workouts in the park!

I am currently training all around Bristol's parks, doing body weight exercises, HIIT training, Yoga, and Pilates with clients.  

 Check my website out here if you would like some outdoor training..

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Livestream Workouts

Every Friday I've hosted Live circuits on Instagram @Katherine_grace___

These have been awesome to create and they have connected with a bigger audience.  Come join this Friday and 'Feel the Burn'.

NutriBullet & cooking together

Creating meals from scratch during lockdown is something I've really enjoyed. I have been taking full advantage of my NutriBullet, making smoothies every morning that are packed full of nutrition. This has even convinced my housemate that vegetables are not boring! What are your favourite new recipes you have discovered? Please share! 

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Mental Health

The greatest discovery in lockdown has definitely been reigniting my love of gardening.

Early on in lockdown I realised living in a flat without a garden wasn't good for my mental health. I come from a family of gardeners, my late Mum Jennifer was a beautiful soul who was always in the garden.  I eventually found a friend (Bob, pictured below on his mobile!) who had an allotment. I joined forces with him to become the allotment co-worker.  

The allotment has enabled me to grow my own vegetables for all my meals in lockdown. This has had a profound impact on my mental health and has given me a deeper understanding of food and nutrition, from soil to plate.

Gardening is the bomb!


Lessons learnt from Lockdown

  • Slow down to achieve more! Take one step at a time..
  • Outdoor exercise can keep you toned and create lean muscle.
  • How easy it is to grow your own Veg!
  • Minimalism, simplify your life, we don't actually need that much crap!

Comment Below with your personal Lessons Learnt?

Thanks for reading, If you want to Personal Train with me in Bristol , I am here and ready to help you. Please feel free to ask any questions on Health,  Fitness and Wellbeing, Email me here...

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2 Responses

  1. Fantastic read Katherine! I've loved alfresco yoga & workouts as often as possible.... sometimes in the rain! Funnily enough I'm getting a nutribullet for my birthday next month (the last one died after many years of yummy smoothies!). Great lessons there too... simplifying life is good for the soul, the mind & the body. Clear space, clear head. Lovely blog, well done and congrats on your veg growing too!
    • katherinegrace
      Thank you Sarah! Lockdown has been a crazy journey for us all, we can be thankful we are healthy and working through it day by day. Gardening, outdoor workouts and creating lush meals, and having a daily structure has got me through it. Thank you soo much for commenting and reading the blog Sarah. I look forward to reading your latest Blog too! Peace and love Katherine Grace

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