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Back From my Australian Adventures….

Since leaving on my journey to Australia over a year and a half ago to travel and work, I thought I would write a blog to share and inspire others…

Before I left, I had no idea I would be able to see and do soo much in one year, finding true adventure & meeting friends along the way…

I’d always dreamed of working abroad,  so decided to use the working holiday visa before it was too late! Applying on the day just before my 31st birthday! I was granted a year of fun and adventure.

I set off with a huge  pink rucksack! Saying goodbye to family and friends. Finishing Personal training  my Bristol clients and wishing them well until my return.

Flying to Sydney was a dream! Arriving in Bondi Beach to stay in a cool surf hostel, with added service of personal training and yoga lessons every morning.

Walking the infamous walk from Bondi to Bronte, observing the amazing Iceberg’s Swimming pool and beautiful coast line.

I loved Sydney, but I’d heard about the infamous cultural & community driven Melbourne, so thought I’d visit there next…

Melbourne is known as the worlds most liveable city for its culture, community, growing economy and music scene, like Bristol on Steroids! From its outdoor markets, world renowned Coffee and Vegan food outlets. I felt at home right away.


Quickly realising Melbourne was the coolest place for me…

One of my first hospitality jobs was to work in the box at Formula 1! A fun experience (if not a bit noisy) where I happened to meet Toadie from Neighbours! An honour considering I was a big fan of the show when I was younger. He really enjoyed his Latte!

After much searching, I eventually found a job as a Personal Trainer at Snap Fitness in Fitzroy, the fun and alternative area of Melbourne.  Happy to be in a team with great workmates in the Australian Fitness industry, a fun and rewarding experience. 

Thanks to Ahmed, Joshuar and Don!

After  6 months of working I was able to travel Bali for one month. Visiting the sites of the Julia Roberts Film Eat, Pray, Love, staying in a beautiful spiritual Ashram for inner peace and mental Wellbeing. All whilst trying to avoid the erupting volcano! New Blog Post on this soon…

Once returning to beautiful Melbourne to work as a PT,  I knew in my heart that the true Australia was out in the country not the city. So I decided to plan a road trip, up the East Coast of Australia buying a 4×4 Ford Territory from a backpacker who was leaving Aus..

I invited Philip my Father on part of the trip, Netflix “Travels with my Father” came to mind with Jack Whitehall! My father knows the Australian wildlife and landscape from travelling the country before with my mother and brother many years ago.Nothing can prepare you for the immense beauty and wildlife of Australia, from beautiful parrots everywhere, to lush rainforest, beaches, koalas and wallabies I was blown away with the animals I saw.

Highlights of the East Coast were definitely Noosa, the most beautiful beach town, similar vibe to Miami and insane amount of wildlife and sailing the Whitsundays.

I would highly recommend the beautiful untouched hinterland of the sunshine coast, as this was a great place to find lush rolling hills and wildlife.

A trip of a lifetime, which I am no doubt grateful for the opportunity and friendships I made. A truly progressive country which gets even more beautiful the more you see…


Katherine Grace x

5 thoughts on “Back From my Australian Adventures….”

  1. I loved you even more than you’ll say here. The picture is nice and your writing is stylish, but you read it quickly. I think you should give it another chance soon. I’ll likely do that again and again if you keep this walk safe.

  2. I really enjoyed what you did here. The illustration is elegant, and the writing is well-written, but you seem anxious about what you might deliver next. I’m sure I’ll be back more frequently if you protect this hike.

  3. It was great seeing how much work you put into it. Even though the design is nice and the writing is stylish, you seem to be having trouble with it. I think you should really try sending the next article. I’ll definitely be back for more of the same if you protect this hike.

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