Personal Training Bristol

Benefits of Personal Training Service Bristol


Motivation and Guaranteed Results

Feel motivated, by being guided and encouraged by Katherine Grace, to reach your true fitness potential through one to one coaching and advice, keeping you on track week after week. Personal training is proven to guarantee quicker results than working on your own, as the training given will push you to your limits, in a safe assessed environment.


Personal Training Bristol 

Learn to Love Fitness & Improve your Wellbeing

Katherine Grace offers excellent Personal Training Services in Bristol. The exercises vary for each session, always keeping your muscles guessing and your mind engaged. Consistent Personal Training will improve your general wellbeing and confidence, helping to increase your productivity and performance in your daily work/life balance. You will learn to love fitness!

Professional Advice on Nutrition & Workout Programming

Nutrition advice is specified to your personal needs, with diet plans and continual assessment, whether it is losing weight or gaining muscle, ultimately aiming to get you to your goals faster. Workout programmes are put in place to keep each client on track with their goals and provide motivation.

Correct Technique

Learn the correct fitness techniques, how to train whilst preventing injuries with the appropriate body positions and correct use of equipment in a safe assessed environment. For example the correct use of free weights to gain or lose weight and prevent injuries whilst training.

Personal training Bristol

What are you waiting for?

I will come to your home, your nearest park or Train you in Bristol's leading Personal Training Gym,  GYMSET Click here to start your fitness journey ..