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Welcome to Grace Fitness

A place of Holistic Fitness and Wellbeing

An Inclusive and Innovative Fitness Company which loves to to make everyone feel at their best. 

Grace Fitness’s founder Katherine Grace, wants you to feel welcome and happier in their presence . A firm advocate of living your best life! Motivating you in a fun and encouraging way.

Katherine Grace is an energetic coach who loves to workout, DJ, Travel, take adventures and grow her own vegetables in her spare time

A firm believer that mental and physical wellbeing are both key to making any kind of change in life,  her main aim is to help YOU achieve your fitness, health and wellbeing goals.

With years dedicated to learning and researching the latest and best fitness techniques from Australia to California, a truly inspiring Personal Trainer who is committed to making her clients look and feel awesome!  Highly qualified, operating at Level 3 REPS with a wealth of experience and knowledge in Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology.  Truly a passionate instructor who knows how to make intense workouts fun!

“Whether your Motivation is –  Improved mental health, Toning, Muscular strength, Marathon Training,  Flexibility and Sports Performance – you’re in expert hands.”