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Sadie Leanne, Manager

I haven’t got a bad word to say about Katherine – as a personal trainer, or as far as I can tell from the few months I’ve known her, as a person. I’ve been having 2 sessions a week with her for the most part, and have loved every minute of them – she has this amazing ability to take me to the brink of exhaustion (and beyond occasionally when the fancy takes her!) and yet still keep me smiling, laughing and raring for more. Other than that, her knowledge of food/fitness is endless, as is her supply of encouragement/motivation. And just to reiterate the other reviews she currently has on here, she really does go over and above the call of duty for you.

I guess to cut a long story short – if you’re Googling personal trainers, and you’ve bothered to make it this far through my review, then Katherine is definitely the lady for you! I didn’t regret it, and I can pretty much guarantee you won’t either.

Sam Carbery 34, Pilot

I’ve been seeing Katherine twice a week for almost a month now. My job is very inactive and I’d always meant to do something about it but never did. Poor eating and a lazy attitude definitely didn’t help my waist line! Since training and doing some home exercises I can see the weight falling and feel muscles I never knew were there. Still a way to go but her friendly, positive approach has helped immensely alongside a proper diet (good food instead of starving). Never thought I’d have a laugh while sweating profusely, but keeping it fun and gradually upping the pace each session I can see results already. I can’t say I love training just yet, but I do look forward to it which I never imagined. I hadn’t been to a gym in years. Couldn’t recommend enough, do it!

Emily Patterson 32, Accountant

I have been training with Katherine for nearly two years and I still enjoy the varied and challenging sessions (although I don’t think I’ll ever like burpees!). She has taught me a huge amount about different training techniques and thanks to Katherine I’ve developed the confidence to use weights as part of my normal exercise routine and try out new fitness classes. Katherine also provides me with great nutritional advice and home workouts to make sure I keep on track in between sessions. Thanks to Katherine I feel fitter and stronger than I have ever done and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for an enthusiastic and supportive Personal Trainer.

Kevin Lockley 54, Consultant

I’ve just completed a fifteen week course with Katherine and so feel qualified to review her personal trainer skills. It’s not always been an easy fifteen weeks for this mid-fifties office sloth, but I am a stone lighter (good nutrition advice) and my stamina and core strength have come on leaps and bounds. Katherine has managed to combine just the right amount carrot and stick to get me where I’ve got to. Clever “homework” combined with informed tuition at the classes have given me the basis and the desire to put the effort in.

As a result I feel years younger and have loads more energy. The biggest endorsement I can give is that I’ve booked another fifteen week course.

She’s damn good!

David Wills 28, Graduate

I needed a personal trainer to teach me a morning routine, something to improve my health, wellbeing and general fitness. I booked an introductory 4 lessons with Katherine. She exceeded all expectations and provided me with a vast selection of exercises to include in my morning circuits and was able to push me beyond my comfort zone without putting me off the exercise program itself! A truly kind-hearted and compassionate lady, I would definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to be shown a healthier way of living!

Louise Victoria 26,  Digital Marketer

I want to start by saying that I am not the most confident of people when it comes to training, so I wanted a personal trainer that could give me a boost of confidence whilst keeping my attention and interest – and Katherine did it better than anyone I’ve ever been trained by before. Firstly, it was nice to be trained by a female, who I could relate to and had the kind of body that I was aiming for; healthy and toned, not ripped and intimidating! Although on the subject of intimidating.. Katherine did really kick my butt when I started losing concentration, which is exactly what I needed!!

The workout went incredibly quickly and I was sweating SO much by the end – but the great thing was I was never bored and every exercise was something exciting and new! I got to take some of my stress out on boxing, which was so much fun! And we’ve also now done HIIT training, Tabata style which was so much fun racing against the clock. I would recommend Katherine to anyone – male or female, young or old – in a heart beat. She is dynamic, fun, clearly LOVES her job and feels incredibly passionate about health and fitness.. which is almost as infectious as her laugh! 😉

Jo 31, Insurance Broker

Katherine is light hearted and great to train with. She makes an hour fly by with various but specific exercises to help me reach my personal fitness goals.
I would recommend Katherine as I feel I am getting much more out of the of my trips to the gym and will reach my goals faster.

Rob 27, Graphic designer

I always wanted to bulk up but never really got the results I wanted until I started training with Katherine. She designed a training programme that works particular muscle groups on different days, helping me use my energy much more effectively. She also insists on demonstrating the correct technique so I am learning to do the exercises myself, and she taught me the importance of good nutrition which has had a massive impact.

It’s so great to finally get the results I’ve been looking for and to look forward to training. Katherine’s knowledgable, encouraging and supportive – but most importantly we always have a great time!

John, 41, Software Tester

I’ve been a client of Katherine’s for 2 months now – the difference I’ve noticed is fantastic: far more than I aimed! Yes, it’s hard work, but hard work achieves results. Katherine’s nutrition advice goes hand in hand with your personal goals and training, so it’s a no-brainer – money VERY well spent! Makes me look forward to my weekly Costa Latte guilt free now ????

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