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Surfs Up!

Living in the South West of the U.K, I feel it only right to talk about my love of Surfing! One of my favourite ways to Exercise, escape and feel alive, as well as be close to nature!

Ibiza Health and Fitness Adventures!!

After some time off, on my recent trip to the beautiful White Isle of Ibiza! I’m back in the U.K to write about what the island has to offer from a more alternative health and wellness point of view. Yes Seriously there is loads to see…

Ultimate Superfood Kale Smoothie!

Summertime is upon us, and healthy food is a must right now! Everyone is coming out and getting semi naked in the parks of the U.K! making it an ideal time to create a crazy Kale Smoothie. Kale, my favourite green leafy vegetable made famous for its insane…

Reasons to love Hemp Protein!

I’m a massive advocate for Hemp Protein Powder an amazing and healthy alternative to Whey Protein. Ever since I was younger I have always had a fascination with Hemp and all its amazing uses! Don’t worry Hemp is not Marijuana as it hasn’t got any…