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Cutting Dairy from my diet!

Today I’m writing about my own nutrition and how I’ve cut down my dairy consumption, which started with an interest in Veganism!

To be honest I’m not a Vegan 🙁  but I’ve managed to cut dairy out and switched to a plant based diet, increasing my fruit and veg intake. I still eat lean protein such as fish and chicken.

There is an interesting quote about Cows Milk from the book The Dairy free Detox diet by Dawn Hamilton, Ph.D.


Its meant for calves not humans’.


The book mentions that no other animal on the planet apart from humans, drink another animals milk especially after infancy. Cows milk also turns acidic in the stomach, making it difficult for your body to break down, increasing ageing and the symptoms of IBS over time.

I personally wanted to eat less animal products, as dairy creates huge amounts of Co2 emissions, due to the animal feed needed to feed cows and the methane created from dairy cows is insane!

cutting dairy out

From reading extensively these are some of the side effects of excessive dairy consumption



Bad skin

Irritable bowel Syndrome

Prostrate Cancer

Heart disease



Even I was shocked that it could increase depression!



My personal experiences from cutting dairy?

First off I’ve slowly cut milk from my breakfast each morning by switching between Hemp, Almond and Coconut milk. Plus switching to black coffee in the morning. No more milk dense lattes (is hard to stop)!

I didn’t notice much of a change in the beginning. Although after a while my skin started to clear up, and my energy levels increased at work. The craziest thing was, after two weeks of no dairy I drank one glass of milk and my stomach became nausea and sick! Suddenly my body rejected milk or anything with dairy such as ice creams! Sad fact I know, but god my stomach ached, ouch!

Its been over a year now that I stopped consuming dairy and I can safely say I have a clearer complexion, tons of energy and don’t miss it! Yes I sometimes eat the odd chunk of Stilton on special occasions, but generally cut it out completely and don’t really miss it at all.


These are some of the amazing milk alternatives out there:

cutting dairy out

Almond Milk

Has a mild nutty taste. Contains Calcium, Antioxidants such as Vitamin E (great for skin) amazing for weight loss as low in carbohydrates, no cholesterol or saturated fat

Awesome recipe here..


Coconut Milk

My favourite, its so healthy and tasty. Rich in fibre, vitamins C, E, B and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. It’s naturally high in healthy fats, a natural antiviral and anti-fungal.


Brown Rice Milk (By Rude Health)

My preferred alternative Milk brand, organic and nothing added. Tastes the best out of all the Milks, slightly sweet naturally. Wholegrain Goodness with minerals, B vitamins and loads of Antioxidants.


Soya Milk

Soya is an interesting one as it can increase oestrogen levels so best in moderation; it wouldn’t be my preferred choice, as its not the tastiest.  It is a complete protein with essential fats, often fortified with calcium and vitamins.


Hemp Milk

Not the sweetest, best to mix with a fruity breakfast. Although by far one of the most Nutritious Super food’s! A complete Protein, Omega 3’s and 6’s, rich in calcium, vitamins A, E, B12, D and folic acid. Hemp is the BOSS!


Coconut Butter Spread

An awesome alternative spread to butter. Hard to find, but can be sourced from most health food shops. Is often mixed with rapeseed oil or sunflower oil. The one pictured is 100% natural and ethically sourced.

cutting dairy out


Lets be Greener, improve our health and live longer by decreasing our dairy intake with these great alternatives.


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5 thoughts on “Cutting Dairy from my diet!”

  1. Liking this info re milk. Agree that it’s not a ‘natural’ food for humans..Am really interested in the Coconut spread to replace butter…The trouble is Coconut ain’t Local…

    1. Yes, Coconut Milk is not that local for sure! Hemp Milk is probably the most local or just have less dairy in your diet?

  2. Great blog. Have cut diary too and feeling much better

    Use Almond milk in coffee and Soya in tea. Don’t like either enough to use on cereal any more

    Soya butter means I can still mash veg which is helpful. Also used last night for cooking carrot ribbons ?

    1. Amazing! to hear other peoples stories. Yeah the brown rice alternative milk is the best for breakfast or the coconut milk, as the taste is the sweetest naturally.

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