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Ibiza Health and Fitness Adventures!!

After some time off, on my recent trip to the beautiful White Isle of Ibiza! I’m back in the U.K  to write about what the island has to offer from a more alternative health and wellness point of view. Yes Seriously there is loads to see and do apart from the discotecas!

Like many I love going out dancing and watching the big DJs play, but there is another side which is all about health and wellbeing, an area in Ibiza, which seems to be consistently on the rise!


One of the best activities, which I loved, was Yoga on the beach at Amante Beach Club. Waking up early can seem daunting on holiday but it was well worth it, to practise Yoga overlooking the breath-taking Sol Den Serra beach cove and be taught by the wonderful Hatha Yoga Teacher Ruth, how to stretch and breathe into different yoga positions, an amazing experience which helped give balance to my trip in Ibiza. The yoga was followed by an amazing healthy breakfast of whole grain croissants, muesli, fresh fruit and yogurt accompanied by my lovely brother George.




There has been a resurgence of healthy eating locations on the island in the last few years, which are really lovely places to detox after a night out and eat clean wholesome food. I visited the amazing & niche Vegan, restaurant Wild Beets located in St Gertrudis a beautiful small authentic Spanish town, serving the best Vegan Tacos and awesome cold pressed Smoothies.


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Passion Café is another interesting Health Café serving all types of Nutritious meals, located in 4 different places across the Island, we visited the Santa Eularia café. Where I had the amazing Mexican Chicken with avocado & sweet potato salad and my brother had the Superman Protein Salad with Quinoa, egg, tuna, and lentils, which were both so tasty and nutritious, ready for an evening of Dancing!

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Running to the beaches and then diving into the ocean to swim is one of my favourite ways to see the island and stay healthy, obviously when it wasn’t too hot! Either an early morning or late afternoon run. Running to the paradise cove of Cala Gracionetta from San Antonio Bay is one of my favourites.



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The infamous Cala Comte Playa is an awesome way to spend a day on the beach with clear turquoise waters and amazing rock Formations. The beautiful Sunset Ashram Restaurant on the beach, is my preferred place on the island to listen to the DJs play Balearic chill out music to the sunset and eat the most amazing healthy Sushi.


These were some of the ways I balanced out my trip and came back even more refreshed and chilled  from a trip to the white isle. Good for the mind, body and soul. A truly Amazing Trip away.


Ibiza’s  Accommodation doesn’t have to be expensive, through the revolution of Air B’n’B, I was able to find reasonable priced places all over the island, where we were able to stay in a lovely villa and on a small organic farm in the north of the island for great value. I thoroughly encourage you to go and see for yourself what the isle offers with the season not finishing till the end of Sept, October time.


Ibiza the magical Island! Go see for yourself!

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    1. Thanks, yeah it sure was! Always loved it here, I really wanted to show the other side of Ibiza. As it gets such a bad rep.

  1. Really good Images and tempting Yogic Exercises. Hope the Ibizan Tourist Office realise what a great job you are doing for them!

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