Christmas Greetings Q&A’s

Wow it's almost Christmas,  here is my latest video answering any questions on tips to stay healthy this Christmas..

It features on my Katherine Grace Fitness Facebook here

The two main questions were

How you can keep active this Xmas?

Running is awesome when you are away from home, as only requires your workout gear and its good to get out & have some fresh air from being inside all day

Walking is the best option at Christmas especially if you are staying near or in the countryside this Xmas, make sure you go on loads of beautiful walks with the family or friends. Great way to burn off that Christmas dinner ?

What alcohol is the most healthiest this Xmas?

A common question I get asked a lot is what alcohol if any is the most healthiest?

Well its all about balance. But the leader is Prosecco and Champagne which have much less calories than white wine.  Hence why we ladys love it!

Vodka tonic & Gin and Tonic are also hot on the list as have few calories.

A good glass of red wine is also good for you, as its packed full of antioxidants.

What to curb is beer and cider, especially pints of alcohol, as they are just empty calories and can easily lead to drinking 1,000 calories from just two pints! Leading to the dreaded beer belly!


Overall though, make sure you have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Relax and let your hair down, as the New Year is coming!

I will be videoing more Questions and Answers in the New Year so please get in contact then for any questions you may want answering on Keeping the balance between being healthy and having fun!



Katherine Grace xxxx



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