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Oh yes these awesome Energy Bites are amazing!

Essential little nuggets of energy, ideal as an Energy blast or an afternoon Snack about two hours before a workout Session. Or even in the morning with my amazing KaleSmoothie!  Completely Vegan and Paleo friendly!

The recipe comes from my new Collaboration project with the amazing Chocolate bear Kitchen Chef and healthy food creator, Follow him here on Instagram @thechocolatebearkitchen
Soo Excited to be working with this awesome dude!


The Energy Bites are full of Essential Fats, Protein and natural sweetness plus taste amazing!

energy bites


Bottom Layer

1 Cup Almonds

1/4 Cup Sunflower Seeds

1⁄4 Cup Chia Seeds

5 Dried Figs

12 Medjool Dates

Top Layer

12 Dried Figs

1 Cup Cashews

1/4 Cup Pecans

1 Pinch of Sea Salt



Line a baking tray with parchment paper.

Blend in a good food processor,  the Bottom Layer Ingredients.

Tip the mix into the tray and smoothen it with the back of a spoon

Blend in a Food processor,  the Top Layer Ingredients.

Tip the mix on top the Bottom Layer and smoothen it with the back of a spoon

Cover and refrigerate.

Cut into squares or bars.

(TIP- Make sure you use a sturdy Food Processor not a Nutri bullet to blend the ingredients!)

Store in the fridge, or somewhere cool and out of the sun.


Enjoy and Let me know what you think?  If you do make them please Instagram the pics tagged with@katherine_grace___


Thanks  for reading!

Katherine Grace



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