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Yoga for Health & Wellbeing..

Yoga has finally hit the masses and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon! Once seen as an activity only hippies would do 🙂 has now hit most gyms or studio spaces near you with even Joe Bloggs down the road doing it! A new craze on Instagram is posting awesome yoga poses in crazy and exotic locations (Like these fun Yoga Positions shot in Ibiza!). A real shift has happened where more people than ever before are open to wellbeing as well as Fitness.


After being inspired from my trip to Ibiza, I wanted to write about my experiences and why I believe yoga can benefit you. In my busy life, with constant connection to technology, Yoga has come along and grounded me in my mental health helping me be present, calm and in the moment. I also love it because it’s a great way to achieve a lean and defined body, if practised at pace using the more intense forms of yoga such as Ashtanga. Yoga has been scientifically proven to decrease stress and even create new grey matter in the brain! Gaining clearer focus and clarity in our daily life.



These are the 3 forms of Yoga I know best, all of which increase flexibility, balance and strength.

Hatha Yoga-

Ideal for beginners the basic form of yoga, which focuses on key yoga positions and the breath. A slower paced relaxing class, an ideal introduction to yoga.


Ashtanga Yoga or Power Yoga-

An intermediate Yoga for the more experienced or who want a more intense yoga experience, great for toning and creating a lean and toned body. Less of a relaxing class and more cardio and strength based.


Bikram/Hot Yoga-

Hot Yoga is often Performed at 35 °C+, typically performed with Bikram Yoga’s 26+ positions. The heat makes it easier to perform the exercises and get deeper into the positions, whilst flushing out any toxins through sweating. It can also help speed up injury recovery. Is ideal for beginners or intermediate yogis!


So how you feeling today? Stressed anxious, or working too hard? Get the balance back and try a Yoga class! Or even switch on a Youtube channel such as Yoga With Adriene just to start (one of my favourites).


Honestly Yoga is Awesome! 🙂


Please share this post with anyone you know who is feeling any of the above or just wants some guidance in where to start..


Katherine Grace xx

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