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Super Fast Mackerel Salad

On my blog this week I am featuring the famous (amongst my dedicated and amazing clients!)


Its my favourite recipe to make straight after training in the gym or if I am late back from work one evening… takes only ten minutes to make!

As you can pick everything up from the supermarket on the way home and just toss the ingredients together. As long as you always have Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and honey to hand at home its super fast and soo tasty.

Mackerel is full of Omega 6s and Protein so keeps you fuller for longer and is super healthy for your brain health! Plus its a far sustainable fish to eat than Cod, please check that your Mackerel is caught sustainably and not by trawl!


2 Pieces of  smoked, sweet cured or peppered  Mackerel

Half an avocado sliced

Half a Salad bag

For the insanely tasty dressing..

3 dessertspoons of Olive oil

1 1/2 dessertspoons of Balsamic vinegar

1 teaspoon of honey


Grill the Mackerel in tin foil for about 7 mins or until you start smelling it!

Whilst the Mackerel is grilling mix the salad dressing, the balsamic vinegar should dissolve the honey. Take the Mackerel out from under the grill and wait to cool down, Take off the skin and tear apart into shreds.

Arrange the salad on your plate or bowl and place the shredded Mackerel, Sliced avocado and dressing all on top mix and enjoy!

Personal Trainer Bristol


I honestly love this recipe, please hashtag it on Instagram with #katherinegracefit if you do make it. I love seeing your pics on there..

Summer is fast approaching so lets gets healthy and ready to look good at those festivals and beach holidays this summer!

Katherine Grace..xx

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