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Spinning around!

So many people always ask me, how can I get a flat stomach, tone up and get fit fast?

My answer to them is  ‘Spin!’

Spin has always been one of my favourite exercises, I love how it releases so many endorphins (happy hormones) leaving me feeling amazing after a workout. Its an awesome exercise after a heavy weekend which sweats out  all those toxins! Add an intense music playlist and this will keep the motivation, cycling to the beats..


Health wise it increases your Stamina, Metabolism, burns hundreds of calories and sheds body fat fast! I always include spin when I need to slim down for a photoshoot or when I come back from a relaxing holiday, such as Ibiza this summer! Because believe me its hard to keep your body at an ideal weight but spin keeps me on track.




These are the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) techniques I train with Spin.
Firstly I always make sure I come off the seat and hover above it to engage my Glute Muscles.

Beginner HIIT Intervals –

One min down at a low resistance, One min up hovering up at a high resistance.

Repeat until you get to 8-10 minutes total

Advanced Tabata Intervals –

Tabata intervals are scientifically proven to get results fast – Not for the faint hearted.

20 seconds hovering above the seat on a high resistance cycling for as fast as you can and ten seconds rest seated at a low resistance. Repeat until you get to 4 Mins.


Spin Bristol

If you don’t have a spin bike in your gym you can use a normal bike and increase the resistance and hover over the seat. Or sign up for your nearest Soul cycle or Spin class.

Make sure you stretch down after these exercises,
Especially your Quads (Thighs) as these get really tight.


hashtag #kgracespin on Instagram with any of your pics of you loving spin..

Photos courtesy of Nick Corkill 


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