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My Morning Ritual..

This is my ultimate Morning routine which sets me up for the day, and makes me feel confident to take on the days challenges and love what I do. To many this might seem crazy, but I find this works best for me, I would encourage you to try some of these ideas for improved health and wellbeing and to balance out any crazy times from the weekend!

I wake up at 7-00 7.30pm and get out of bed as soon as I can, I then drink a pint of water to rehydrate.

I love to make a cup of Fair Trade Organic coffee with a little coconut sugar using my Cafetiere. I leave the coffee to brew whilst I mediate with my Headspace App for 15 mins



Yes I Meditate! Its not such a taboo these days as it seems so many more people are realising how it calms the mind, gives sharper focus and helps you feel positive throughout the day, I encourage many of my clients to try it, as they often lead stressful lives’ and need to have clear minds to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Check out my Mindfulness blog here to see how it can help you.


If I have time I love to read a few pages of inspiring books such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne or Positive Psychology books to get me in the right mood for the day and shift any negative thoughts away.

My Morning work out is either a You Tube or DVD video or I go to the gym to train myself either at a class or just to sprint it out on the treadmill and do some body weight training such as Tracy Anderson Mat work or HIIT Training with weights.

I never skip breakfast as its the most important meal of the day and stops me from snacking on rubbish before lunch!


These are my favourite breakfasts in the morning;

I love to make the most fun and interesting porridge dishes which take away the taste of bland oats when they are on their own, one of my favourites is my peanut butter and banana porridge recipe here…

When I have little time I make muesli or granola with alternative milk and fresh fruit or for an amazing protein packed milkshake thick consistency & a fast breakfast The peanut butter and banana protein smoothie is the best! I know I’m Peanut butter mad! Me and my workout Buddy Ela love having this after our workouts too, as shown in the video!



I try my best most weekdays to stick to this routine as I work for myself so its important to have a set routine which sets me up for a positive day.  I then go on to coach my amazing Personal training clients and can take on challenges throughout the day with less stress and clear focus because of this Morning ritual.

I am by no means perfect though and I love to have fun at the the weekends with friends and family,  as its all about the balance!

Katherine Grace



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  1. I loved you even more than you’ll say here. The picture is nice and your writing is stylish, but you read it quickly. I think you should give it another chance soon. I’ll likely do that again and again if you keep this walk safe.

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