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Motivation & Tips to RUN!

I really hope these tips help you, for me running definitely wasn’t my passion until I signed up for the Bath Half Marathon last year, I literally gritted my teeth and got on with the training. But wow I literally love running now, for the fresh air, seeing the sunshine & countryside first thing in the morning plus keeping me trim and ready to take on the world each day!
Motivational Tips

When you start running, its hard to feel motivated early in the morning especially if the weather is cold outside, my advice is drink a little black coffee & some water, get your work out clothes on as soon as possible, because once they are on, your ready to go! Play your favourite music and open that door and go for it. The first 5-10 minutes of the run are the hardest, but trust me it gets easier as you just keep going at a steady pace, eventually becoming easier, the more you train you will eventually feel like you can just keep going and going. Most runs I do now I always find the beginning the hardest so just push through it. Trust me it gets better!

Have a Clear Goal/Target

The biggest motivation of all is to actually have a clear goal such as signing up to a 10km or half marathon, because when you have a clear goal in mind, you really have to push yourself and commit yourself to the training.

Interval/Hill Climbs

If you want to improve your running speed and lose weight fast, its essential you include some interval training or hill sprints in your running techniques.
As this increases your fitness level fast and blitzes body fat, scientifically proven to be more effective than training at a slow, consistent pace.
E.g. Breaking up your normal run to include some hill Sprints and interval runs, such as 30 second sprints and 30 seconds of slow running at least 5 times or more is ideal.
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Running Shoes

Its essential to buy a decent pair of running shoes especially if you are running frequently. Running shoes are so much more comfortable and will support you and create less impact on your knees, which are so important to protect, as running on tarmac creates a huge amount of pressure on your joints.


An Essential App I love is MapMyRun, which tracks your runs, shows you how long you have run for,  measures the amount of calories burnt plus saves your run times for future reference. Its a great way to see routes in your local area and when your away from home and get fit at the same time.

treadmill chill

I really hope these tops tips help you to stay motivated and inspire you to get running!

Here is my Essential guide on  how to run a Half Marathon from last years blog post.

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