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My Journey into Mindfulness

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with life’s crazy pace? From being constantly busy and always thinking of the future rather than the present. When life is all too much and I feel Overwhelmed! Where do I turn to chill…. Meditation!

In the chaos of daily life, this is my weapon against it all, preventing my mind from wandering and being chaotic through this form of mindfulness.


Five Benefits from Meditation

Decreases Anxiety
Stops Depression
Increases Focus
Calms the Mind
Fall asleep easier


Meditation has become a modern day necessity for many. For the career driven, truly focused and successful people around us, even Richard Branson sings its praises, Scientifically It can actually help to re-circuit parts of your brain if practised just ten minutes a day, over a period of ten days or more..


Meditation Websites

A great Website/Blog which explains the full benefits of Mediation is

With many guidelines on how to start , including videos to introduce you to Meditation.  In particular this page can explain all:

Meditation Apps

My favourite App for Guided Meditation, is the Revolutionary Headspace App, with fun illustrations, videos and easy to understand. You can sit anywhere and listen to the guided meditation, which are just 10 minutes long. I’ve been using this app on and off for over two years now. The first ten sessions are for free, which you can repeat over and over again. So there are no barriers to giving it a go.

My personal experiences are; my focus at work and in the office, I could stick to tasks for longer and keep on track. Making me aware of my actions and consciously aware of my thoughts.




Sound Bowls

To take the mediation to the next level, I’ve been to Tibetan meditation classes with sound bowls a form of sound healing as seen in my photos. These amazing bronze bowls help you concentrate easier and can instantly make you feel more relaxed as you focus on the sound and are able to think of nothing else, taking me into almost an out of body experience! Feels similar to what I experience in yoga. Helping to clear my head and be present.




I really enjoy the deep relaxation I feel from Meditation and switching off. Long term its helped me manage my emotions and thoughts in daily life. I would 100%  recommend you give it a try, to see the best results you do need to practise as much as you can, I believe more and more people will be meditating in the future in this constantly connected world. 

I feel it’s important that we talk more openly about mental health and this is I believe, one of the best ways to keep a clear and calm head.

If you have experienced Meditation? I would love to know your experience. Thank you for reading and I hope you can find some peace through the use of meditation

Katherine Grace xx



Photos courtesy of JW Photos. 


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