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Halloween in California

Happy Halloween!

This time last year I was in California for a Journey of a lifetime!  Exploring and travelling for over two months, learning about Health and Fitness trends and even Djing at Burning Man festival in the sunshine State of innovation & creative minds.

It was my biggest inspiration to start my blogging and develop my online health and fitness business.I’ve always wanted to visit as I’d heard about other inspiring women in business who were from California and how they are pro equality for all.



My Journey started by visiting Burning Man in the desert, A huge festival where you can be anyone you want to be, I was asked to DJ at the main centre camp. An amazing experience which I will remember for the sheer kindness of the people and the crazy artwork!




From there I met friends who invited me to live with them in San Francisco, I explored and learnt about the crazy amount of technology and innovation coming from here, visiting the powerhouse of Facebook and Instagram in Silicon valley and seeing first hand the different Fitness trends around the city. Including training in Crossfit and developing my own style of Personal Training.





I did various and amazing road trips with friends all around California, including 3 days of hiking ‘Bear Grylls’ style to the beautiful Hot Springs near Big Sur, camping under the stars in Yosemite and visiting the biggest trees in the world the Redwoods! Make sure you go see them one day! Amazing!




I then headed south to Los Angeles in Santa Monica to stay with family friends, where I cycled and surfed on the nearby beaches. I got to sample some of the awesome Health food supermarkets, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and local health food cafes.




I ended my trip on Halloween this time Last year, in Santa Monica where the streets are turned into Halloween themed houses with children everywhere doing trick or treats. They literally go crazy for Halloween!



As it is Halloween I have blogged a Pumpkin Falafel recipe on my website in Collaboration with @thechocolatebearkitchen, Making use of waste from Pumpkins carvings and making delicious and healthy food with it


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