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Lake District Christmas

Happy New Year to You!

The sun has finally come out this morning!

I turned 30 last week so celebrations have been in toll, with a fun Brazilian themed party!

What a year its been! Lots of exciting projects and ambitions have been achieved with my new updated Personal Training website, creating this blog and starting my first videos about Health and Fitness.  Thanks to family, friends, clients and my followers for all your support. Yes you!

Lake District Walkinh

These are some of the pictures from my time away in the Lake District where my brother, Dad and family managed to detour the floods and wander around the lakes. It was a beautiful and relaxing Christmas, eating the most amazing food and taking the most beautiful walks around the dramatic and stunning countryside of the Lake District, pictured here is the amazing Lake Wastwater

Lake District Walking

Due to flooding up north and torrential rain we couldn’t go out walking everyday, but Christmas is all about relaxing before the New Year and spending time with your loved ones, thoughts go out to all the people in the north who had problems with the flooding.

Lake District Walking

Before I left for the north I filmed my first Q&A Video which had a huge response, I will be filming another one next week.

If you have any questions on how to improve your Health, fitness and wellbeing in the New Year, please get commenting below or write to me personally here. I will answer all your questions next week in my 2nd Q&A’s video which I am very excited about making!

They will feature on Facebook here and eventually YouTube.

Lake district walking

I Look forward to my 30th year and helping you reach your true health and fitness potential this year!


Katherine Grace xx

Lake District Walking


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